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Great Friends

Cynthia Wells

You're always there for me,
you'd never let me down
A hug I know you'll give me
if I'm wearing a frown
You always seem to have a way
of making me smile
You believe in me,
and make me go that extra mile.
I know I'll never find
another friend like you
Nothing to ruin our friendship
would I ever do
That's why I'm scared
about what I'm trying to say
My words I'm sure will change things
hopefully in a good way
I've known you for awhile
and I've watched my feelings grow
I like you as more than a friend
is what I want you to know
Please tell me you feel
the same way too
But if you don't I pray
our friendship will continue
We're great friends
but much more we could be
So what do you think,
will you give it a shot with me?

You Say You Love Me

Cynthia Wells

Love, you say you love me
How could this be true?
I've only just met you
Love takes time to develop
It's not an instant thing
You can't know what love is
If you say it this soon
Love takes time
It develops with trust,
patience, caring, understanding
You have yet to earn that of me
I have loved before
True love, an unconditional caring
This love will never be lost
For true love lasts a lifetime
What you feel for me is not true
True lust maybe but not love

What's She Thinking?


Cynthia Wells


How she does it I will never know

Night after night she goes back to him

The man who hurts her more than anything

She thinks he loves her

But love does not leave cuts and bruises

I wish she'd get the nerve to leave

But she says she can't survive without him

Does she think she doesn't deserve better?

So much control he has over her

With some nice words he's forgiven

I don't know what she's thinking

She says he'll change someday

Why can't she see the reality

Nothing will change until he's gone

Or she is...


Cynthia Wells

Time, I need
Feelings, Confused
Thoughts, Mixed up
Memories, Still there
Touch, Remembered
Kisses, Dreamt of
His, Not yours
Sorry, I am
Forget, I must
Time, I need

What Could Have Been

Cynthia Wells

Eyes I'll never look into
Skin I'll never touch
Tiny mouth I'll never feed
Tiny hands I'll never hold
But forever you'll be with me
Years will pass and I will think
About the child I could have had
About the first steps I never saw
The first cries I never heard
The first words that were never spoken
They told me I was too young
Only one choice I could make
I could have been a good mother
I could have been there if given a chance
But the choice was made
and now you're gone
Anna or Dylan I'll love you forever


Cynthia Wells

I need you here with me right now

To feel your hands exploring my body

Covering every contour of my soft skin

I want you to feel my wet lips

Travelling the length of you

Finding places they've never been before

I crave to be close to you

Feeling your naked body on mine

Dampened skin touching each other

I need to taste you savour you

Let my tongue glide over your flesh

Experience you like never before


(c) 2001 Cynthia Wells