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Poem Page II

The Pain I Feel

Cynthia Wells

I see happiness in your eyes
and know I didn't put it there
I hear you laugh
and know I didn't cause it
I watch you speak
and know your words aren't for me
I listen to you plan your night
and know I'm not included
I see you sitting with her
and know she could've been me

Do I?

Cynthia Wells

Do I want you back?
For things to be like they were?
Do I want to see you again?
To see what I first fell for?
Do I want to be in your arms?
Like I was so many times?
Do I want to hear your voice?
Speaking words of love again?
Do I want to see you smile?
That smile I loved so much?
Do I want to kiss you?
To feel the magic like before?
Do I want to make memories together?
Better than the ones we already have?
Do I want to be an us again?
People seeing us as a team?
Do I want to love you like before?

A Life Taken

Cynthia Wells

People searching all around
For the woman who will never be found
Her body's hidden deep in the lake
Not another breath will she take
Get in his car she should've never done
Now her life is over with one shot of a gun
Her loving mother and father cry in pain
Never knowing for sure if their
daughter was slain
Her life ended long before her days were thru
Many dreams she had she thought
would come true
Never will they happen now because
of one night
Oh why didn't she put up more of a fight
Her life ended much too young
Not long after it had even begun

Someday, Somehow

Cynthia Wells

I will live without you, you know
You weren't that much a part of my life
I will survive without your touch, your love
Someday, somehow.

I've done it once before, you know
Before you, before us.
I will teach my heart to do it again
Someday, somehow

You don't hold all of my love, you know
I kept some for myself, incase I needed it someday
I will give my love away again
Someday, somehow

There will be someone else, you know
Someone is waiting to love me
I will move on and find that new person
Someday, somehow

I will get over you, you know
You weren't too special to get over
I will let go of a past I longed to continue
Someday, somehow


Cynthia Wells

Him, memories still invade my mind
Everywhere, I'm still reminded of him
His touch, I'm still trying to forget
His kisses, are still in my dreams
His love, is still in my heart
Him, I still have to get over


Cynthia Wells

What's meant to be will always find a way
Well I'm still dreaming about that day
You'll tell me you love me,
that I'm special to you
You'll hold me and kiss me
the way only you do
You'll open up your heart,
your soul and your mind
Finally our love will no longer be blind
Together we'll stand on the rooftops above
Shout out to the world all of our love
But now patiently I wait for you to see
Just how perfect together we would be

(c) 2001 Cynthia Wells