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Inspirational Poems

Just Be Yourself

Donna Newman

To be who you are
is to be enough
To share who you are
is to share enough
To do what you love
is to do enough
There is no race to win
and nothing to be proven
only dreams to be nutured
a self to be expressed
and love to be shared
Never doubt your worth
and always know
without any doubt
that you are truly valued

My World

Ashley Glenn

I open my window;
let the cool air caress my skin.
I see a world without anger;
a world without sin.
Where cruelty is unknown,
and people are wise.
Where all hurt is forgotten,
and no one ever cries.
Where every minute is a blessing,
sent from God up above.
Where every child has a mother,
and the most important thing is love.
Where everyone is equal,
from any country, of any race.
Where people take things easy,
and walk at a steady pace.
Where a smile becomes a sanctuary,
to the person in which it is received.
Where every person is understood,
and everything is rightfully conceived.
I dream of this world each and every night,
and forever think of this world in the day.
Yet, it seems so very distant,
and so incredibly far away.
In this world we can only hope for one thing;
God will have mercy and send help from above.
We are all innocent and want to be saved.
Please give us my world, my world of love.


Elizabeth Boatwright

May your thoughts be of flowers
May your dreams be of love
May the stars twinkling down on us
be your ever guiding love
May you find hope
in all your fear and fright
May you find love that is only heard
through the whispers of the night
May we love one another
and lose this fight
May we all be equal
in each other's sight
May our tears be kissed away
by hope and of wisdom
Lord give the courage
to give love in all I do
May you love yourself
and others too

Thoughtless Breeze

Carrie Busch

I feel the gentle breeze
As it blows against my face
Putting me at ease
With it's loving grace
Blowing through my hair
Making me content
Caressing me so fair
Making me forget
The many worries in my life
As the breeze goes on
I forget my strife
As I sit on my grass covered lawn
And absent mindedly play with the clover
I remember the good memories
As if the bad ones are over
Then I think of the worries
That I have today
Then my mind turns in another direction
Telling me to stay
In this particular position
With just me
And the thoughtless breeze

(c) 2002 Cynthia Wells