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Lost Love Poems


Rian Rettino

Too cold to speak, too warm to look,
you keep your distance from me.
A song has played so many nights
from a hallow stars mournful call
that reminds me of your face and body,
your voice, your thoughts, your love.
Too dark to walk, too light to meet,
you keep your distance from me.
If differences and disagreements
might tarnish what we have just say it,
but if it isn't that you're afraid
to loose and understanding then tell me now
before I lean too far and fall.
Too far to yell, too close to whisper,
you keep your distance from me.
A memory from a dream that last night
came to me kept my mind in rhythm
to your hearts unsteady beat.
Speak what you want to,
tell me abou this one and that,
keep my secrets in your hands,
but let go now for the pain
you put me through is not fair.
I care too much about you,
I want you to laugh, to smile,
to be happy all the time.
Too cold to speak, too warm to look,
you've kept your distance from me.

I Remember

Toni Pivovar

I remember the day so long ago,
when you first caught my eye.
I remember the day so long ago,
when we first sai "HI."
I remember the day awhile ago,
when we first started going out.
I remember teh day awhile ago,
when you told me what we
were all about.
I remember the day some time ago,
when we had our first kiss.
I remember the day some time ago,
when you held me in your arms
underneath the stars.
I remember the day a short time ago,
when our relationship fell apart.
I remember the day a short time ago,
the day you broke my heart.

Love's Consequences

Nicole Pandolfo

How can I forgive you now
My heart you took and broke somehow
You did not mean to do me wrong
You did not mean to love me long
I liked the feeling of you I guess
I grew to fond I must confess
Like you I didn't mean for this
To think it started with a kiss
Love so rude and painfully so
Can hurt a girl more than you know
Then just like that you let me fall
No signs that even I foresaw
Your heart I hope is cracked a bit
To fall in love is not worth it
Love's sweetness was sure to die
Now in sorrow crushed am I
And in this state I shall reside
To live a while with shrivelling pride

I Wish

Jene Lowater

I wish I could hold you
Feel your lips touching mine
I wish I could tell you
How you're special and you're fine
I wish I could be with you
I wish you really cared
I wish that all my tears would stop
I wish I wasn't scared
I wish love didn't hurt
I wish tears didn't sting
I wish my heart was strong
But it's the most fragile thing
With all these things I wish
I can't help but cry
Because at night when all is dark
I look up in the sky
I wish my wishes on a star
But as I softly close my eyes
I see my love
I see your lies
So tonight when I wish my wish
That wish upon a star
I'll wish that all my pain will stop
I'll wish that love is not too far

(c) 2002 Cynthia Wells