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Life Poems

Do You Remember?

Jennifer O'Brien

Do you remember when life was a game
Do you remember when all we wanted
was fame
Do you remember making mud pies
Do you remember telling little white lies
Do you remember playing dress up
With all your older sisters make-up
Do you remember being afraid of the dark
Do you remember the adventures
On which you used to embark
Do you remember when you hated boys
Do you remember having all those toys
Do you remember your first bike
Do you remember what being a kid was like
Do you remember?

The Perfect Body

Eva Marie Kenealy

Deep dark skies
Gray circles under my eyes
A smile on my face
Nothing around my waist
Bloodshot eyes
Face colour dies
Tired and fait
No time to be late
No eating just run
Can you feel the sun?
Standing on the scale
I look so pale
No one is perfect
But I want to be
Why does it happen to me?

Have You Ever


Have you ever felt alone in life,
Felt no one cared for you?
Or been out with a group of friends,
And felt alone then too?
Have you ever had a broken heart,
You felt couldn't be repaired?
Or tried to touch somebody with your words,
But knew nobody cared?
Have you ever needed good advice,
But were too afraid to call?
Or felt separated from the world,
Surrounded by a brick wall?
Have you ever been asked about your future,
And said you couldn't care less?
Or tried to pick up the pieces but,
They make just one giant mess?
Have you ever felt so confused,
That you couldn't even cry?
Have you ever felt so damn depressed;
Have you ever wished to die?

All On My Own

Jazelle Taylor

Who am I to tell you no,
My heart know it's wrong
but I just can't let go.
Your smiles make me cry
and your tears do the same.
Your words leave me left
sometimes standing in the rain.
But you always say sorry
and I tend to forgive.
I've come to the point
where I don't want to live.
But who are you to tell me
that I will never be anything.
Me by myself
will make me more of something.
So this day is the day
where I'll say good-bye,
And I'll do it with dignity,
I won't even cry.

Graduation From High School


High school has been time spent
growing, learning, and understanding;
time spent finding out who you are
and where you fit in the world.
It's been time spent
growing close to the people
you met along the way,
and time spent making memories.
Now that it's time to graduate,
hold on to your memories
and be proud of what you've accomplished.
As you graduate from high school,
remember that your diploma is a symbol
of the knowledge you've gained,
the goals you have set and achieved,
the friendships you have made,
and the person you've become.
But never stop striving and growing,
because there are other challenges that await you.
Though you'll be saying good-bye
to people and places
that mean a lot to you,
there are others waiting
for you to discover.
As you graduate,
I wish for you life's blessings:
people who love you,
dreams that come true,
strength of mind and body,
deep faith,
a few good, close friends,
and learning that never ends.

(c) 2002 Cynthia Wells