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Here's a roadmap to my website...

To help you better navigate my website, on this page I'll include a list of all my postings along with a quick synopsis of each.

Short Stories

Nightmare Nice Guy:
Anna has dreamed about going out with Ryan for what seems like forever. Her dream finally comes true, but it was not all that she expected.

A Secret Revealed:
A wealthy businessman recently passed away. While he was on his death bed he wrote a letter which was to be read to a small group of people after he had passed on. Everybody is in for a shock when the letter is read.

The Beast Returns:
Inspired by the book, Lord of the Flies, this story tells of what may have happened to some of the boys years after their ordeal on the island.

A Dream Paradise:
A woman drifts off to a wonderful paradise and leaves all of her worries behind her. Her paradise soon disappears as she discovers the truth about it.

The Secret Mind of Ashleigh Falkner:
A young girl longs to escape for the everyday dealings of her boring life. She finds her own way to escape, but this way sometimes gets her into trouble.

The Sun and the Moon:
A theory or myth on how the sun and moon, as well as day and night, came to be.

The Last Storm:
The story of a man's fight for survival aboard a ship on the stormy ocean waters.

Best of The Site

A Secert Revealed and The Last Storm are my favourite short stories on here.