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Cynthia Wells

Hands so gentle
Lips so soft
Gaze so alluring
Words so smooth
Taken for granted
Used and let loose
Feelings hurt
Tears shed
Blind heart
Can't forget
Don't want to say goodbye

Two Friends

Cynthia Wells

Two friends, trapped in a moment
Hazel eyes gaze into eyes of blue
The thin line is about to be crossed
Wet lips, so soft, gently meet in a kiss
Lost in the others warm embrace
A feeling like never before is felt
Two friends cross the line to lovers

Would You?

Cynthia Wells

If I were to say I needed you
Would you be there?

If I were to confide in you
Would you listen?

If I were in trouble
Would you help?

If I were hurt
Would you care?

If I said I loved you
Would you run?


Cynthia Wells

When you look at me
what do you see?
A girl so full of life
with smiles and joy to share?
Or one full of misery
with pain eating at her soul.
No one sees the real me
underneath my exterior
No body knows the pain I feel
or sees the tears I cry
I hide it from everyone
I've gotten good at that
A smile and laughter
that's what they see
No troubles no worries
my life's a blast
In reality it's just my shell
I share with others
If you peeled off the layers
you'd see the real me
You'd know I cry myself
to sleep every night
The loneliness I feel
is unbareable
Nobody cares about me
not the real me
I've been used
to many times to count
Why must they do that to me
don't they know it hurts
Of course not since
my feelings don't matter
Someone to care about me
that's what I need
I need a friend
someone to trust who trusts me
This misery must come to an end

Poem Page II

(c) 2001 Cynthia Wells