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Y I love you
I Love You

the way you always think about other peoples feelings
the look in your eye when you're doing something mischievous
the way you look at me
the way your hand softly brushes against my cheek
how you always try to smell my hair
the way my hand feels in yours
the feel of your chest when my head lays upon it
the way you smell (with cologne or without)
the hair on your arms
the way you kiss me
your ass
your eyes
your lips
your hair
your smile
the way you make me feel
your commitment to your friends
the look in your eyes and the smile on your face every time you see me
the way you act with Kyla
how polite you are when you meet someone
how you make me feel lucky to have you
the way you make me feel beautiful
the way you make me feel special
knowing that you really care about me
the way you tell me when something's bothering you
when you're determined to do something you do it
the nice things you say to me
your taste in jewelry
your dedication to health
we're best friends
the communication we have
I can be myself around you
you make me feel comfortable
you believe in me
you make me feel like i can do anything
you stand by me no matter what
you have taught me the true meaning of love
how patient and understanding you are with me
the sound of your voice
the way you make me laugh
the way you make me smile
how nothing else matters when we're together
your hugs
how you're always there when I need you
how you always know just what to say


how you hate to see me cry
how I'd do anything in the world to make you happy
how I know you'd do anything to make me happy
you make me feel loved
you make me feel good about myself
how good we are together
how you always want the best for me
the way you take charge
the way you protect me
I know we can get through anything
Your sense of humour
You care about your appearance
I can depend on you
because I'm always thinking about you
the way you show me you love me without saying a word
we have the same decorating taste
you listen to me talk and always act interested
how we never run out of things to say
you're thoughtful
we have a life outside of each other
you never pick arguments with me
you sometimes let me think I'm right
you don't complain about my driving as much
you don't show you're jealous if I talk to another guy
you want me to have fun
you're not controlling
your passion for your hobbies
how cute you look when you're sleeping
how you don't take me for granted
you're not afraid to show affection in public
knowing you want to be with me and only me
the trust we have
the way you say my name
you open the door for me
you hold my hand
you warm up the car for me
you take the time to learn about me
you'll do something I want just to make me happy
we have the same family values
you watch me leave at night
you light candles
you're always the designated driver
how there's always something new to learn about you
the faces you make just to see me smile
how you rarely complain about my room
they way you put up with country music because I like it

"There's a smile in my heart, that I've waited my whole life for."